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SEO, TechMar 28, 2024

View and control consent of tags in Google Tag Manager

For those who don't know Google Tag Manager is a tool to load scripts into your website, and It's really useful when you got a lot of scripts that needs to be loaded (often third party scripts like Google Analytics), and when the scripts needs to be loaded in a particular order based on the users consent. 

In this post I will take my own website as a example, I got 4 different tags,

  • My consent manager (UniConsent) 
  • Google Analytics
  • LinkedIn Insights
  • Meta Pixel
Cimplex Consent

Some of these tags have built in consent checks, this means that based on what consent the user have given it will load the script based on that.

If you are using default tags like LinkedIn insights and Google Tag (Google Analytics for example) you can click on the tag and view which consent the tag requires.

Built In Consent Settings

However, if your tag is loaded by custom code no consent is setup by default, you need to add this yourself. Click on the tag, and under advanced you can add the consent types that are required for the script to fire. I've added this to my Meta Pixel Tag.

Consent Settings Advanced

TIP - Enable Consent Overview

A hidden feature in GTM is that you can enable and see all consent permission as a list. You do that by navigating to "Admin", then press on "Container Settings" and enable "Enable Consent Overview"

Enable Consent Check

Next up you can head over to your tags and you can see a new shield symbol in the top right corner.

Consent Shield
Consent Overview

If you need help setting up consent on your website or have any questions regarding it feel free to drop us a message and we'll be happy to help. 

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